Puzzlehunt Alert: MIT Mystery Hunt

This hunt is now over! We hope you’ll join us next year.

The biggest, baddest hunt of them all is happening on January 13th, 2017. Mark your calendars for the MIT Mystery Hunt!

With groups swelling up to hundreds in size, on-site and off-site solvers working in cooperation, more than 100 puzzles over the course of 48 hours, this is the mother of all puzzle hunts. The puzzles are diverse in their form – crosswords, anagrams, cryptograms, number puzzles, multimedia puzzles, geometrical puzzles, physical challenges, mystery trails, scavenger hunts, inter-team games, or anything else that the hunt organizers can think up – and also diverse in difficulty, ranging from obvious to actually unsolvable.

Anyone can register, though puzzles  often require knowledge of the MIT campus and culture. See you in lobby 7!


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