New Room Escape: Von Braun’s Puzzlehunt

This hunt is now over! Come join us next year.

Puzzlers in Huntsville, Alabama – a new escape room opens this Saturday! Escape Pod writes:

“A unique situation has arisen in the Huntsville, Alabama area which requires your services. Our intelligence reveals that Soviet spies are converging on Dr. Wernher von Braun’s personal office to obtain secret documents vital to our national security.

We’ve already sent a team of agents to von Braun’s office to find and extract those classified documents before the Soviets can, but we cannot guarantee their success. As such, it’s up to you to track down the Soviet spies as they attempt their escape, by following the clues our operatives have uncovered around the City of Huntsville. You are our last line of defense in this crucial national security mission, and our fate lies in your hands! Good luck, and I’ll see you on Saturday, November 12.”

You can register, or simply have off-site puzzle-solving fun.

The hunt costs $25 if you are competing for the grand prize, and the proceeds go to The Riley Center, Girls Incorporated, or Lifeline Pet Rescue, LLC – your choice.

Escape Pod also has two other rooms – Spy’s Lair and Return to Wonderland. They are all located at:

3322 South Memorial Parkway
Suite 705
Huntsville, AL 35801



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