Puzzlehunt Alert: BAPHL 14

This hunt is now over! Come join us next year.

Saturday, November 12th, is the Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League! Their message is below:

Please join us on Saturday, May 7th, for BAPHL’s six-year anniversary puzzle extravaganza. (Why six? We’re weird, duh.) Help us take a look back at the past six years of BAPHL events, look ahead to the coming years, and, of course, solve a ton of puzz$#21(-3$&-! !&#(&3


Solvers. As you are no doubt aware, BAPHL 14 was displaced in time and sent to some future date. That date is fast approaching. Our instruments have tracked it to November 12th, 2016. Please save the date — and the integrity of the timeline, as well.


BAPHL is a twice thrice twice (?) yearly puzzle hunt taking place in areas around Boston. Teams of 4-6 travel on foot solving sets of puzzles (logic, crosswords, trivia, etc.) to reach a final goal.

Copley Square in Boston

$15 per team:


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