Online Puzzlehunt Alert: ΣUMS

The Sydney University Mathematical Society is hosting a free online week-long puzzlehunt: ΣUMS 2016, commencing at 11 pm PT on December 26th for teams of up to 5. Unfortunately, only Australian teams can win prizes, but they are quite enticing: first place gets $300. This is the largest monetary prize we’ve seen (though of course, hunts like 52 MasterPieces gave out a diamond and gold locket worth around $1500).

What better way to fill up that holiday time between when you wake up from your hangover and when the relatives wake up from their jetlag than to hunt for some puzzles? This puzzlehunt is not for the faint of heart – our team found it quite difficult last year, perhaps exacerbated by the fact that none of us were Australian or Sydney University students.


  • Price: your time and possibily sanity
  • Decemebr 26th – 31st
  • Puzzle difficulty: High
  • Puzzle creativity: Medium

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