Room Escape Review: Palace Games – the Roosevelt Room

My team of 12 tried the Roosevelt Room, and we were pretty impressed. Thematically, it starts where the Houdini Room left off, and we find out the purpose of Houdini’s attraction.

This was definitely one of the best, if not the best, room escapes we at Hunt and Escape have done – not only are the rooms complex and well-made, the staff are good at giving hints that grease the effort to solve the puzzles without giving things away. They roll with the punches, even if something doesn’t work. The puzzles are pretty unique, not just paper and pencil puzzles, and fit the theme well. At times you have to wonder how they made the puzzle, as we knew how it must be done but just couldn’t see the mechanics/electronics. That’s how you know it’s a room well done.

The outside-the-box puzzles also meant that this was not a room for novices. Don’t expect to escape if this is your first time! Working together as a team is crucial for this room.

A neat side note is that the venue is at the Palace of Fine Arts, which is a beautiful building surrounded by a moat. Bring a canoe if you ever go! (We didn’t tell  you to do that.)

The details:

  • 90 minutes
  • 6-12 people (though we suggest 8-10. 12 was a couple too many people, and felt at times claustrophobic).
  • $400 per room (pricey!)
  • 3601 Lyon St., San Francisco CA (green door with the Palace Games sign on it)
  • Puzzle difficulty: Medium
  • Puzzle creativity: High

You  don’t have to be a Roosevelt buff to try this room – we certainly weren’t.


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