PuzzBox Review

SCRAP now lets you bring the fun of an escape room home with the PuzzBox! A neat little 7 x 7 x 7 inch cubed box lets you solve the PuzzKing’s puzzling problems at your leisure.

Two of us broke out – or rather into – the PuzzKingdom, as a goal was to get inside the red tin that held the puzzles for the second stage of the hunt. While the puzzles were solely pen and paper type, they were creative, though only weakly related to the theme. Hints and solutions are provided online, through a link that comes with the box.

Two copies are included, so no worries about writing all over the first copy, though we do recommend making a copy of a pristine set if you want to be able to pass it along to your friends. You are, however, out of luck if you want to replay the box, as it is one-time-use per person.

Should you buy it for $45? Probably not. While the puzzles were fun, the set may have as well been a print-and-play with a fancy tin thrown in. Find friends who do have this, and buy them a beer for a chance to play this box.


  • Cost: $45 at http://realescapegame.com/shop/
  • Official recommended team size: 2-4 people
  • Approximate duration: 60 minutes
  • Puzzle difficulty: Medium
  • Puzzle creativity: Medium

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