Review: Zelda Escape Game

SCRAP and Nintendo have teamed up to create a the ultimate escape game for a Zelda fan: Defenders of the Triforce Escape Game, and we had the great joy of escaping this game tonight at the Regency Center in San Francisco. We teamed up in groups of 6 to -spoilers- and -spoilers- the -spoilers- right up the -spoilers-, which was awesome!


The nostalgia was of the charts. A teammate who had never played a Zelda game commented on the seemingly low  production value, especially of the low-resolution props, but that’s exactly how the classic game looks. The escape game was truly in the fashion of Ocarina of Time. The lack of a polished finish was a pro or con depending on how much of an old-school Zelda fan you are. This was also the most appropriate Zelda game to do an escape game of, as this was the original puzzle video game in the series.

The puzzles were not exceptionally hard and required more observational than deduction skills. We would definitely recommend this room for a beginner escape artist who is a Zelda fan. Like all escape games, though, this one required at least one leap of logic, which were actually somewhat difficult. Full disclosure – we brute forced past some parts of the puzzles, as we do pretty much every time, so we actually did not make all the necessary leaps. Even so, we still felt the puzzles were fair. Since the whole game had few of these, we rate the overall difficulty as low.

Finish fast – the first few teams to finish get a surprise experience 😉


This game was like a tourist attraction during peak season. They had to squeeze too many teams together in one huge hall to accommodate all the demand they could. Much like the release of the NES Classic in late 2016, they woefully underestimated demand. Our table was on one side of the room, and the places we had to visit for various parts of the puzzles were on the other side of the room, meaning we had to wade through a sea of tables and chairs, and push past other players. I hip-checked a small woman out of my way as she tried to conga-line past me after two of her teammates already cut me off. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry, small lady. I got lost on the heat of the moment.

Speaking of heat, the hall was very warm with the hundred other people there. Wear light clothing, like a t-shirt, even in the throes of winter here.


Cost: sold out, but a Final Fantasy version comes out in mid-2017

Time: 1 hour

Team size: 6 (SCRAP will rearrange you if you have any other number)

Difficulty: Low

Fun: directly correlated to how much you like the Zelda games

Hope to see you guys at the Final Fantasy game – Trials of Bahamut!


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